Design is in the details…

…but its only too often that the details are left out in a hurry to get the product out -and then never fixed in a hurry to get out the next release, leading to poor experiences. Like the one I had today with Microsoft Entourage (my enterprise email client…sigh!). Overall its not too bad a tool and I recently began using it as a Project Management tool, but today’s experience has left me mightily sour.

I got the following message while I was trying to send an email:

The message either exceeds the message size limitations or the recipient’s mailbox is full

I assumed it was the latter since I was sending a small attachment. When I realized that I got the same message to anyone I sent emails, I called support who asked me to reset my account. Did that- same problem again. After a four more frustrating and wasted hours, I was told that ‘my’ account was full.

What obviously happened was the designers (developers?) used the same generic message. A simple modification of the copy would have saved me time (and frustration) and Entourage some bad reputation (and karma).

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One Response to “Design is in the details…”

  1. Niels Says:

    Hi Vishal,

    I have many of those experiences. The software leaves you in total frustration. It does not inform you at all about the real problem. It is all about costs, but in the end it will cost even more as we (the users) switch over to another product. Have many of such experiences on my blog as well!

    Kind regards.